Important Things That Your New Business Needs to Have

The success of a new business depends on different factors that can contribute to its becoming. Every start up business begins from taking in a good idea and introducing it to the market with the hopes of making it big in the future. In entering business, there are things that you have to be well aware of.

A Good Business Idea

Every business needs to have that something unique and something extra to make it stand out of from its competition. A business idea may come out of the blue. It may be something new and exciting. A good business idea needs to capture the market or better yet to offer something different. While the starting point will always be to think of something new, a good business idea can also be an existing business. What will make it stand out is how you will be able to innovate it into something unique.

A Responsive Market

It is easy to say that a new business will have a market to cater to. The problem is how responsive will this market be. In order to know if there is anyone willing to pay you to do business, taking the time to analyze the market can be worthwhile for you. This way, you will not charge into a business that will be a failure because of your inability to consider the demand and the response of the market to the product or service that you will offer.

An Effective Business Name

An effective name will help you get the familiarity and patronage that you will need in order to sustain your business. Your business name is an important factor to your business’ success because it can easily be recognized by word of mouth. Isn’t it great that by simply having a business name that can easily be remembered, you will be able to attract clients that can make your business prosper? A business name is one of first things you need to think of. It needs to have appeal and recognition to be effective for your business.


Keeping records of start up costs, sales forecasts, marketing expenses, and cash flow is essential for your business. These records can help you determine how well your business is doing and how you will be able to keep up with your monthly expenses.

Handling your cash flow is crucial to your business. After all, cash is the life blood of all business enterprises and is the measure of your liquidity.


All the aforementioned things are important in order for your new business to succeed. Taking the effort to think about each of these aspects can help you define a better way to market your business and to make it operate properly. More importantly, it is your commitment to make it happen that will help you push through with your business. With proper information and careful planning, you can be assured that starting your business will be bearable and manageable. Now that you know what your business needs to have, time to start planning on those ideas to see how useful they can be for your start up.

Is Your Small Business Set to Succeed? Track These 3 Milestones to Find Out Now

How do you define success? Money, power, fame, relationships, simplicity, complexity, responsibility, achievement. Success is as individual and unique as each of us when considered on a personal level.

Business success can be unique as well, but typically three milestones can be used to gauge the success of your small business.

For many success won’t happen over night, but with consistent focus and application of good business practice results will begin to show themselves.

Here are three common measures with which to compare your business’s progression.

Affirmation #1: You Break-even

From idea conception to business plan, financing, start-up, and successful selling and operations, your business has begun to stabilize and cash is finally starting to come in as quickly as it goes out. If you have calculated your “burn rate” (the amount of capital you will “burn” through until revenue equals or exceeds expenses) successfully there will come a time when the business will begin to stabilize. Sales have become more consistent and a customer base is beginning to build. Many of the inefficiencies early in the start-up have been identified and improvements made. Momentum is building and for the first time it looks like the amount of money your business takes in will match what you pay out. You officially BREAK-EVEN.

Of course the ultimate goal of any good business person should never be to break even. But as any entrepreneur can tell you, the moment your business begins to consistently break even things change dramatically. The business is no longer burning investment capital and is beginning to self sustain. Pressure begins to subside as it easier to make payroll, purchase materials, and pay vendors. A growing client base reaffirms that your business is viable and that you are doing things right.

Break-even is a HUGE milestone in any small business progression. At the break-even point I suggest the following:

1. Celebrate – recognize the achievements of the individuals and teams that have contributed to the success of the business. Without going overboard, take some time to single out individuals and thank them for their contributions and acknowledge the role each person played in the success.

2. Reflect- look back at what worked, what didn’t, and make adjustments for the next phase the business is entering.

3. Plan – now that you have gotten to break-even, set a plan in place that will rapidly propel you towards your next goal of profitability. Without proper planning many businesses can get stuck at the level of break-even. This may be fine with team members that are paid regardless of company profitability, but ultimately entrepreneurs and business owners are rewarded for their efforts out of profit. It is imperative that you don’t allow the break-even success to lull you to sleep. You may wake up 2 years later and still be breaking even!

Affirmation #2: You Pay Yourself an Honest Wage

In the early phases of many small businesses the owner will forgo a consistent reasonable wage and will often take a minimum salary to slow the “burn rate’ of investment capital. Noble, and often necessary in the business infancy, the second milestone in any small business occurs after break-even occurs in conjunction with the owner taking a salary commensurate with what the open market would pay for the service.

What does this mean? If you would have to hire someone to do what you do as a business owner, what would that salary be? Often the responsibilities and roles of the business owner would dictate a premium in the labor market paid only to the top percentage in each industry.

As an owner, once you are able to pay yourself a salary comparable to what you would earn on the open market to perform similar tasks for a profitable company, you have affirmed milestone #2.

Affirmation #3: Consistent Profitability

Your business truly becomes successful when you can begin to consider it an investment. Whether you continue to work in the business for a wage or not, at this stage the business is consistently beginning to realize profits on a consistent basis.

As profits are realized and cash flow improves, as a business owner you reach the third and final milestone in any small business. Freedom of choice.

Now that your business earns a consistent profit you can choose how much and how often you want to work in the business. At this point you are able to afford a general manager that can handle the day-to-day operations and you have the choice to “work on the business” exploring improvements, relationships, and education, instead of “in the business” performing daily job tasks.

At this stage in business development things are stable and your initial “risk” has now turned towards reward. With a stable business you can choose to continue to hold ownership in your portfolio, or you can look to market your business for sale and consider cashing out.

Save Your Business From Financial Tragedy

One really important fact that business people should not take for granted is the knowledge that building and managing a business is a risk in which the results can be positive or negative. There are people who succeed claiming that they are hardworking individuals while others claim that they succeed because of luck. Whatever the cause may be for success, it is important to protect your business from major financial tragedy with accurate business accounting.

It is definitely an unwise move to not diligently observe the financial condition of the company or business as it is indeed a recipe for disaster. It is like going on a ride without direction and not knowing the car will loss fuel. The fuel is the money that makes the company or business keep moving. Not minding about the fuel which is the finances will detain the car which is the business or company.

Therefore it is essential whether for a small or a big business to hire a reliable business accountant or accounting firm that will assist you in monitoring the financial status of your business. In the field of business, knowledge is very much important in order to run a business efficiently and to be able to reach the much coveted success which is the growth of your business.

To be able to achieve the much desired success, it is important to hire the appropriate business accountant whether it is a public accountant, internal accountant or a management account. The above mentioned are the types of accountant including also the government accountant which is of course not in the private business sector as they work within the government portals.

The edge brought about by collaborating with business accounting firms are they can give you clarity in terms of the financial status of your business and they can also give timely suggestions in making sound decisions about financial matters. Also, they can give accurate assessments on the productivity of your business as well as monitor and gauge the performance on all financial angles.

They can also assist you in realizing all the financial transactions into reports in times when it is necessary. They can also help you in coming up with vital information about all cost effective methods or strategies for an increased productivity. They know on what aspect that they would most helpful to help you manage your business effectively.

It is indeed a reality that regrets are felt after a negative event has taken place. Regrets pose itself not in the beginning but in the end. A negative event that can generate heaps of regrets is when a business fails due to several factors in which one is the failure in executing appropriate accounting. When a business fails, it is not only the owner or owners that are greatly affected but the employees in such business or company.

Such negative circumstance can be prevented when business accounting is done duteously. Coming up with accurate calculations in all financial aspects should be done appropriately at all times. Making friends with numbers is essential in managing a business. Coming up with accurate financial reports will be determinants of future direction of the company. As a result, accurate evaluation of how your business is faring will be made.